As Numerous as the Stars

November 7, 2009


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Hello, and welcome to As Numerous as the Stars, a very numeric Sims 3 legacy!

To learn about the Numeral family and what exactly a legacy is, visit the About the Legacy page.
To see the entire Numeral family tree, click here.
See custom content in my game that you want? Check the downloads page and ask me to post a link if it isn’t already listed, or go download a Numeral if it’s the genetics you’re after.

To read the oh-so-amazing chapters (:D) , from the beginning until the newest update, visit the table of contents.

Enjoy! ~summergrey


January 26, 2012


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I am so ashamed to be lurking back over here after not updating for well over a year…

The reason for my disappearance initially was just a lot of schoolwork, and then I bought Ambitions, installed it, and spent some time messing around with other families for a while before losing the Ambitions CD (oops!) and having to uninstall it. After that, my game has never quite ran correctly, no matter how many times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I can’t get my custom hairs to load, it repeatedly crashes with no warning…basically it’s a pretty bad scene.

I want nothing more than to be able to update this legacy again. I still think about it a lot and it makes me so sad that I can’t even play TS3 at all, much less write a legacy. It also makes me sad that I’ve let myself fall so far out of the loop of the legacy community and the TS3 community in general – I’ve been too ashamed to come back and update after being gone for so long, but look at my bravery – I’m here again!!

As soon as I get my game reliably working again, I’m going to try to start the Numerals up again. I hope I still have a few readers out there to keep on reading! It’ll be the Numerals Reloaded – As Never Seen Before!! I’m also a second term senior in high school now, which means mega super large amounts of free time to play!

If anyone has any ideas for why my game crashes, please please help me :( I’m going to go through my CC again and try to find any corruption. I’ve tried taking all of the CC out of the game but I don’t remember if that fixes the problem either. I run the Sims on a MacBook Pro with plenty of free space and none of my computer’s specs have caused problems playing in the past.

A huge apology to anyone who’s been hoping I’d return :( But the good news is I’m here, and I plan on making a full comeback, chapter in hand, as soon as possible!!


May 18, 2010

Want a Numeral of your very own?

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Hey guys! No update today – I’ve got an AP exam on Thursday, but hopefully I’ll be able to FINALLY update this weekend! :D

The reason I’m posting is because I’ve made a Numeral downloads page, with the .sim files of all the heirs and spares!

The link is in the sidebar of this website, or you can just click here: Download a Numeral!

Please, please, PLEASE tell me if any of these links don’t work for you, or if they work successfully. this is the first time I’ve uploaded sims to mediafire so I don’t know if I did it totally right. Thank you so much :D

If there’s anyone else you want me to upload – a spare, the kid of a spare, the spouse of a spare – just comment here or on the page, and I’ll try to make that happen. I can access the genetics of anyone who’s ever appeared in my game thanks to the amazing supercomputer, so anything’s possible!

Thank you SO much for being patient with me throughout my times of little updating :(

<3, summergrey

April 26, 2010

Thirteen, part two

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So before I start this update, I just thought you might want to know some of the search terms that direct people to this blog.

I have gotten 8 hits from “old man working out.” it’s my top redirector. okay, that’s a halfway reasonable search term, as I had quite a few pictures of CG working out.

Smelly fridge and saggy diaper both have 4. Smelly fridge, maybe. Saggy diaper, no.

poking nipple, “his nipple”, teenagers in diapers, diapers for teenagers, maid nipples, saggy old guy, play “his nipple” – gay, wow screenshots nipples, my son shirtless, pee pee in the potty.

all of these are things people have searched to reach this legacy.

In the words of another search term (with two hits, actually), awkward much?

Eight: “Could you please stop talking about nipples and saggy diapers and focus on the fact that I’ve FINALLY POPPED with Thirteen?”

Oh yeah, I forgot there was a legacy involved here.

Read on!

April 9, 2010

Thirteen, part one

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Long time no see! Life’s been creeping up on me lately – the end of the year is looming and with that comes all the stress of AP exams, finals, SAT IIs, term projects, and all that fun stuff. I’m a sophomore but I’m friends with lots of seniors at school, and they’re all getting their college acceptances back. I’m so jealous, I’ve just started that whole stressful college process :( I was in Boston and my parents took me to see Harvard – eep, it’s intimidating. Add one more thing onto the worry list – getting into college!

But never fear – I haven’t abandoned my beloved sims!


Ten and Nine: “Nomnomnom.”

March 14, 2010

The New House

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And now…drumroll please…the new house tour!

Please read update Twelve before you read this! hehe, sorry if there’s any confusion because they were posted at the same time.

Click for more!


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Hello there! This update is going to be rather short, because – well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise! You’ll see soon enough!

Click for more!

February 28, 2010


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Hello everyone! Update time!

Oh, and once again, I sort of messed up my resizing, so the last few pictures are kind of huge. sorry bout that :(

Eight: “I wonder if playing in my bra will earn me more money.”
Click to read on!

February 21, 2010

Laying the Foundation: Fourth Generation

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And our third generation heir is…EIGHT!

thank you so much for voting, everyone!

Eight: “I’d like to thank my adoring fans, my mother, and my great-grandmother for giving me such great hair.”
Okay, we get it. Read on!

February 14, 2010

Growing Stage: Third Generation part two

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Happy Valentine’s day and Chinese new year!

It’s time for another Numerals update! An heir poll will follow this chapter, so be sure to vote!
Click here!

February 10, 2010

Growing Stage: Third Generation part one

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I’m sort of in love with my legacy kids right now! and the spares are multiplying like rabbits, so even MORE love! :D

And Nine is about to grow up, so DOUBLE the more love!
Clicky clicky here!

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